Send Email to Page - International Characters

There were some reports of earlier reports of international characters not working showing up properly in Confluence. However I've just conducted a few tests (March 8th, 2014) with the following email and results:

Screenshot of email sent using Postbox:

Resulting Confluence Page:

This was tested both on Confluence 4.3.7 and 5.4.2

If you are seeing an issue please try the following:

  • update to the latest version of SendEMailToPage app version 2.x+.
  • Pleas have a look at this page from Atlassian to test if your system otherwise working with international characters - Troubleshooting Character Encodings

If you still see an issue please report it to:

Page lookup error: page "Artemis Software" not found.

If you're experiencing issues please see our Troubleshooting Guide.

Please include your version of Confluence and logs would be helpful (smile)

thank you!