Migrating MultiExcerpt from Cloud to Server/Data Center

The MultiExcerpt macros have different names on the Server than on the Cloud. For example, the "multiexcerpt-macro" macro on Cloud is "multiexcerpt" on Server. In addition, the macros have a few parameters whose names are different. You will perform a migration with no loss of service by enabling app/macro modules (on the Server) that use the MultiExcerpt macro names for MultiExcerpt-Cloud.  


  1. Migrate your content from the Cloud to the Server.

    1. Export Confluence pages from Confluence Cloud and import into Confluence Server

    2. Atlassian Confluence Support References:

      1. Cloud Migration Assistant for Confluence

      2. Migrate from Confluence Cloud to Server

  2. On your SERVER: enable the MultiExcerpt modules for MultiExcerpt macros with Cloud names 

    1. Navigate to 'Manage apps'

      1. Confluence Admin > Manage apps

    2. Expand the section for your Multiexcerpt plugin

    3. Expand the 'modules' section within the Multiexcerpt plugin section

    4. Disable these two modules:

      1. multiexcerpt

      2. multiexcerpt-include

    5. Enable these modules:

      1. multiexcerpt-macro

      2. multiexcerpt-fast-inline-macro

      3. multiexcerpt-fast-block-macro

      4. multiexcerpt-include-macro

      5. multiexcerpt-fast-include-inline-macro

      6. multiexcerpt-fast-include-block-macro

  3. For future support:

    1. Please alert Artemis Support that you are using migrated macros so that they know why your Server macro names are not the default.

When migrating Server Multiexcerpt macros to the Cloud, they appear as legacy macros. Those macros will have the same functionality as macros created in the fabric editor.

  • Is the “legacy” notation indicating that we need to do something active for the app to have full functionality?
    No, legacy macros have the same functionality as new-style macros. After migrating server macros to the cloud, they will be fully functional.

  • Is the “legacy” notation an indication that the migrated data in MultiExerpt will become deprecated at some point in the future?
    We will continue to support the legacy macros. There is no need to worry that we will deprecate these macros.