Other Email Servers - Exchange, Postfix


Though currently only Google Mail servers are tested against the app should work with other email servers using standard protocols. Several people have gotten the app working with two of the most popular email servers Microsoft's Exchange server and the open source Postfix

My hope is that this page will collect enough information to help people leverage those systems as well.

Microsoft Exchange Server  / MS Office 365

Though Exchange is not technically yet a supported email server platform for this app there are several customers successfully using Exchange and this app together.

What works with Exchange:
  • Sending emails to a default space under a default parent page with no special additions.
  • Routing email to more specific locations leveraging command tags  (LINK)
  • Mostly all feature should work except what's listed below in the next section
What does not work with Exchange:

Exchange does not support "plus addressing" as do the Google Mail, Yahoo Mail and other mail servers.  Thus the following things don't currently work:

    • Emails cannot be routed to any location by using the "To" address alone.
      • Work around: EMails can be routed to any content destination using command tags which are tags a user embeds in the email.
    • Each page does not automatically have "it's own email address". With other mail servers that support more flexible "plus addressing" to addresses each page automatically has it's own unique email address.
      • Work around: EMails can be routed to any content destination using command tags which are tags a user embeds in the email.
Future plans:

Though we don't have a scheduled release date we are working on support for letting the administrator configure multiple destination email addresses which. This would give Exchange users more flexibility in just the "To:" address.  For instance then one could define two email addresses which would route emails to different spaces just by using something like:   quality-assurance@myexchangeserver.com and product-management@myexchangeserver.com,  whereas right now the app can only be configured to check one single email address.

Why doesn't "plus addressing" or "sub-addressing" work with Exchange / Offcie 365  ?

Microsoft seems to be far behind the curve here. Every other major email server supports 'sub-addressing' providing users a valuable way to create 'disposable' addresses. This is also one easy way the app allows users to create pages with specific titles in Confluence. I have run across these links to get it working, but it will likely require at least an admin and I don't provide support for any of these methods as they are far outside the scope of this app and my knowledge of Exchange or Office 365:

Other info:

There are no special instructions per se to otherwise setup and configure an Exchange server, rather just the above limitations in what Exchange can do with this app given that it doesn't implement email features other email servers do. 

I do run automated tests again Microsoft's Online Exchange Email server, formerly Office 365.

Postfix Details