Survey and Vote - 4.0.0 Release Notes


Survey and Vote 4.0.0 now has a new look and feel, including:

  • new dropdown menu in titled surveys replaces icon panel

  • easily copy links to survey questions and headers to the clipboard

  • better support for standard accessibility guidelines with improved contrast and visibility

  • improved translation support for Portuguese (pt)

  • Check out the updates!

Actions Dropdown for Titled Surveys:

The icon panel becomes a dropdown Actions menu
Click any header to copy a link to that spot to your clipboard

Improved Contrast and Visibility

Improved Translation Support

Survey and Vote has supported English, German, and Portuguese translations. But the Portuguese translation was not as extensive as the German and English support. In 4.0.0, we’ve filled out the Portuguese translations for the remaining parts of the app.

We welcome all customer feedback on translation efforts including the new changes to the Portuguese language pack, and we are hoping to offer other languages in the future. Let us know if there are languages you’d be interested in seeing support for!