MultiExcerpt Variables

Easily customize information by setting variables in the source macro while also using the MultiExcerpt functionality to automatically copy and paste content. Excerpt variables are placeholder values that can be modified with user-defined values per MultiExcerpt Include.

Create variables in MultiExcerpt, use the content using the MultiExcerpt Include macro, and change the placeholder values as required.

This article provides you with the following information:

Creating MultiExcerpt Variables

To add variables, perform the following:

Creating a Variable

To create a variable, perform the following

  1. Create content using the MultiExcerpt macro.

  2. Create variables as per the following template:


For more information on how to use the macros, click here.

Creating the Content Using MultiExcerpt Variables

To create content using variables perform the following:

  1. Reproduce the content using MultiExcerpt Include macro.

  2. Enter the details in the following tabs and click the Save button:

    1. Macro settings






Enter the name of the page where you have created the MultiExcerpt variable.


Enter the name of the MultiExcerpt variable.

Add surrounding panel

Check this box to add a surrounding panel to your content.

For more information on macros settings, click here.

b. MultiExcerpt Variables






This column is auto-populated with the placeholder names.


Enter the respective replacement placeholder values.


The following is the content created as a variable using MultiExcerpt macro:

In the above example, ‘Country’, ‘Rank’, and ‘Currency’ are the placeholders (variables) to create the following content:

Replace the Variable with the Values as per requirement.

The following image displays the view of the unpublished draft.



  • You can add a maximum of ten unique variables per excerpt.

  • A variable that is too long is invalid. The variable name is limited to 24 characters and the value to 48.

  • Accepted character values [a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _, -]

Editing MultiExcerpt Variables

To edit the MultiExcerpt Variables, perform the following:

  1. Click the macroblock and select the edit icon.

  2. Go to the Variables tab and make the necessary modifications.

  3. Click Save. The modifications are updated.