Secure Content for Confluence


The Bobswift Atlassian Secure Content for Confluence app provides password protected and encrypted content for Confluence. With its enhanced Confluence-style formatting capabilities, you can organize visually appealing content with bullets, hyperlinks, and many more styles. Not only can you assign reading, editing, and administrating permissions to individual users or groups, but you can also set notification levels and review audit logs to see when your Secure Content has been accessed, edited, or undergone permission modifications.

Product highlights

Secure content allows you to:

  • Share sensitive content like passwords, data, reports, and more with inline content encryption
  • Drop the Owner Report macro on any page and be a click away from your content for time-saving administration & editing
  • Content ownership can be transferred by a Confluence admin or you can have complete access control
  • Authorized users can view secured content automatically on the page without entering a password
  • Users can request access with one click, alerting the content owner for action via Confluence notifications
  • Ensure GDPR compliance by adding a layer of secure data encryption to your Confluence data

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