Adds an object to the response that will be returned to the Webhook caller, as the HTTP body.


Return Type



//getting the REST/HTTP call input parameters: WebhookPayload httpRequestPayload = getWebhookPayload(); //getting the used HTTP method: string httpMethod = httpRequestPayload.httpMethod;//This can be something like "GET", "POST", "PUT" etc. //getting the http request payload (body): string httpPayload = httpRequestPayload.payload; //getting the http query parameters: WebhookParam[] httpQueryParams = httpRequestPayload.queryParams; string firstQueryParamName = httpQueryParams[0].name; string firstQueryParamValue = httpQueryParams[0].values[0]; //sending the response back to the caller: appendToWebhookResponse("http method:"); appendToWebhookResponse(httpMethod); appendToWebhookResponse("payload:"); appendToWebhookResponse(httpPayload); appendToWebhookResponse("firstQueryParamName:"); appendToWebhookResponse(firstQueryParamName); appendToWebhookResponse("firstQueryParamValue:"); appendToWebhookResponse(firstQueryParamValue); //returning a custom HTTP status code: return true, 1234;

If the responsePart parameter has another type but string, a conversion to string will be attempted.

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