Live Fields

Live Fields is one of the most powerful features in Power Scripts™ for Jira. If you use it correctly, you can do a lot with UI manipulation including both standard and custom fields in Jira, custom fields provided by our apps, and other graphic elements like buttons, tabs, and so on.

Since Power Scripts v 4.6 the fields in the Service Management Customer Portal are also supported by Live Fields.

Note that the "Raise a request" dialog/popup/iframe screen (accessible from the project's page in Jira) is not supported by Live Fields.

With the Live Fields routines you can:

  • restrict visibility on issue fields or even whole tabs – show/hide or enable/disable them for the specified users

  • restrict certain options from the potential values of a custom field

  • change the values in the issues' fields automatically when a certain field value changes

  • display field or dialog messages

  • execute your own javascript code

The actions that you can execute with live fields are also available on view, edit, create, and transitions screens.

The following pages provide information about live fields:

Note that Live Fields only modifies the graphic elements and the fields values on the screen. No changes are saved in the database.