Getting Started With Power Scripts in 3 Easy Steps


To navigate to the SIL Manager, click on administration (the cog) → Manage apps → SIL Manage

Step 1 - Create a File in the SIL Manager

  1. Click on "Selection".

  2. Click on "New File".

  3. Create a file name.

  4. Click on the check mark or press Enter to save the file name. 


Step 2 - Set Run Configuration


Step 2 - Run the Script

  1. Click on the "Check" button to lint and check the code for syntax errors.

  2. Click on the "Save button to save the file.

  3. Click on the "Run" button to run the script.


At the bottom of the SIL Manager, you will see output:


Syntax Errors

To see if there are any syntax errors:

  1. Click on the "Check" button.

  2. Hover over the red "X" box.


When clicking the "Run" button, the errors are displayed a the bottom of the SIL Manager.

Additional Help

Need help implementing this script? Talk to me directly to me by clicking on the bot on this page.

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