Planning Poker for ADO

Planning Poker for Azure introduces convenient ways of estimating your work items in Azure DevOps. The app facilitates collaboration and discussion aimed at consensus-based estimations.

Our extension delivers a native-like estimation experience for Azure DevOps users.

Interactive Poker Game

Create Interactive Poker Game with work items that you would like to estimate with your team. Invite team members using a shareable link.

Async Poker Game

During the game creation, enable the Async game flow to allow participants to estimate at their own pace with an optional interactive review process similar to the standard Poker game. Check participants' progress to know when to review estimates.

During the async estimation, consider providing comments to explain your vote.

Estimate from Work Item view directly

Estimate your work items on the go from the work item details view directly - use our embedded interactive section.

Configurable Card Decks & Estimation Fields per Work Item Type

Different work items could be estimated in different ways. You can estimate with Story Points, Remaining Work, Hours, Effort, or your custom fields - the app gives you the flexibility to pick your own method. For every work item type, you can pick a different Estimation Field and configure a custom Card Deck.


Other features

Moderator Role

Moderator holds a full control over estimation game including work item selection, revealing the votes, resetting votes, finishing the game. Other participants interactively follow the Moderator’s actions and provide estimates.

Online Users

Keep track of team members who are online and can contribute to the estimation process.

Start Game from your Backlog / Sprint / Query / Board directly

Select multiple items on any work item list in Azure DevOps. Once items are selected you can kickstart the estimation game from a context menu.