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Possible explanations or solutions


Possible explanations or solutions

The "Create project from template" item doesn't appear in the Project dropdown for me

  1. To see this option, you must belong to a group which has been given permission to create projects from templates. Contact your JIRA administrator to resolve.

  2. For a particular user to see this option, they must be able to browse at least one previously existing project. JIRA doesn't show the browse area where this link resides if you don't have access to any projects. When this changes in JIRA, we'll be able to remove this dependency.

My role set via the project template my project is created from should let me administer the project, but I am not able to.

Administration should be set via permissions (instead of or in addition to roles). This is because JIRA applies permission schemes before roles when creating a project, so a role may not exist when the permissions for the project are initially established via our automation. The workaround is to use a default role such as Project Lead and give that role permissions to administer the project.

When this changes in JIRA, we will be able to change this user experience.

When I click the + button to add something to any of the configurations, the text goes gray but doesn't immediately add the item to the appropriate scheme.

Under normal circumstances, items are added immediately and you do not notice this. However, you may experience a network latency delay in which your text in the form fields grays out and you have to wait for the item to be added to the list. This is generally caused by your connection to the internet and is not a problem with the add-on.

Affecting older releases

I'm not able to create new issues or search in JIRA after creating a new project with the Project Creator for JIRA version 1.0 with default Issue Types.

Due to a bug in the 1.0 release of the plugin you might be experiencing this:'s+Issue+Types+Tab.  This behavior was fixed in 1.0.1. Please upgrade to that version or a more recent one.

I see the same project template name more than once in my "Create Project From Template" screen

There is currently no limitation in the plugin code to keep someone from naming multiple templates with the same name. This will come in a future release. At this time, report the issue to your administrator and they can resolve the issue in their template administration panel. This was fixed is version 2.1. Please upgrade to that version or a more recent one.

I get an error if I add a significant number of project categories into a single project template. (bug report has mentioned 43)

This was fixed in version 1.1.1. Please upgrade to that version or a more recent one..

Pending issues

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Please refer to our Release Notes to see issues resolved in each release.

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