Numbered Captions

Numbered Captions provide a way to consistently caption figures, tables, and more. Numbering is automatically incremented separately for each type. Captioned items can be referenced from the same page or other pages and include links to the captioned item.

Numbered Captions can be combined with the Easy Numbered Heading application to inherit the heading property to number the caption.

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  • Automatic numbering
    Caption numbers are incremented and numbered based on the type of caption, such as table or figure.

  • Easily link to captioned items
    Create link references to captions on the same or another page.

  • Quickly add captions to existing items
    Select the item to be captioned, then choose Insert → Caption.

Numbered Caption Macros

The following are the available Numbered Caption macros. You can access all the macros by installing Numbered Caption app.

Macro Name


Macro Name


Captioned Item

A numbered caption is applied to the content(s) of this macro. The caption numbers are auto-incremented according to the type of content. For example figures, and tables.

Caption Reference

This macro refers to a captioned item on the same or different page. It uses an anchor as a reference to create a link to the captioned item.

Table of Figures (Captioned Item)

Displays a list of captions on the same page or another page. You can include child pages and also you can limit to one type of caption (e.g. Figure, Table)



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