Date Window Precondition

This is the JSU for Jira Cloud documentation. If you are using JSU on Jira Server or Data Center, see our JSU Server/Data Center documentation.


The ‘Date Window’ precondition checks whether the value of one date field falls within the range/window of another date field. Note: The date checking is only one-way, i.e., it only looks forwards, not backward.


You must select the two date fields and the window period when configuring the transition. For example:

Example of the Date Window precondition as described on this page.


A workflow is configured so that the 'Close' transition has the 'Date Window' check. The 'Resolved Date' is checked using a window of 5 days with respect to the 'Created Date'. If the issue is resolved within five days of being created, a comment will be added with the text "Quick Win!".

Supported field types