JQL Precondition

This is the JSU for Jira Cloud documentation. If you are using JSU on Jira Server or Data Center, see our Server/Data Center documentation.


The 'JQL' precondition compares the number of issues returned from the JQL query against predefined conditions like:

  • Find at least one issue

  • Must not find any issue

  • Compare with a particular number

Some of the simple things you would do with the JQL Precondition, you might also achieve with the Value Field Precondition. Choose the approach that is the simplest for you and your Jira admin colleagues.


You must write the JQL query and choose one option for the number of issues found. In the example below, the post function will only be executed for bugs. You don’t need a separate workflow (and special workflow scheme configuration) when you only want one post function to perform differently for a particular issue type. 

For tips on using JQL with JSU, see JQL Reference.

Example of the JQL precondition as described on this page.


See the JQL Use Cases for several examples.

Supported field types