Markdown for Jira


The Markdown for Jira app provides users the ability to edit and display their Markdown content on Jira issues. The app allows users to enter the relevant Markdown content in a flexible editor, attach the required Markdown file directly in a Jira issue, or display contents using public URLs.

This app is available on Jira cloud. Visit Marketplace to learn more.


  • Add Markdown content to a Jira issue applicable to the new and old issue views

  • Use the Markdown editor to add new content, edit any existing content, and preview the content before saving

  • Highlight syntax based on the language of the content in the editor

  • Attach Markdown files as an attachment to the relevant Jira issue

  • Access and render content through URLs that do not require user authentication

  • Control the usage of JavaScript in Markdown content

  • Supports GitHub Flavoured Markdown and Gherkin “flavours” of Markdown

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