HTML for Jira


HTML for Jira enables users to easily display live content in Jira issues using HTML code or an attachment. This helps users to dynamically add more information to the issue in the form of design documents, images, videos, or other references to external content. Users no longer have to manually add an external reference to Jira issues and update it every time the data changes; they can simply include it using the app instead.

In addition, HTML for Jira allows administrators to create Jira dashboard gadgets to display the HTML content. For more information, refer to HTML for Jira gadget.

This app is available on Jira cloud. Visit Marketplace to learn more.


  • Embed HTML into your Jira issues

  • Add HTML from an issue attachment and visualize the relevant data in the issue

  • Create Jira dashboard gadgets to display HTML content

  • Include live data in your Jira issues and dashboards

  • Turn Javascript usage On or Off as required

  • Whitelist URLs referenced from the HTML content

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