Status Counter Custom Field

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The Status Counter Custom Field calculates the number of times an issue has been transitioned to the selected status. This custom field can be particularly useful for tracking the progress or workflow of an issue. For example, it can provide insights into how many times an issue has moved from an "Open" status to an "In Progress" status, indicating the number of times work has started on that issue.

This field is a calculated (read-only) custom field.

To create a Status Counter Custom Field, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Apps > Enhancer Plugin for Jira > Custom Field Configuration.

  2. Click the Add New JEP Custom Field button.

  3. Click the Counter tab on the left-hand side of the dialogue. 

  4. Select Status Counter, then click Add custom field.

  5. Fill in the dialog box:

    • Create a name for the custom field.

    • Select Status(es) to calculate how many times the issue has been transitioned to the specified status(es). You can select multiple statuses.

  6. Click the Save custom field button to create the custom field. The custom field will now appear in the issue view:

Once created, the Status Counter Custom Field can be used for sorting and searching in the issue navigator, allowing you to filter and find issues based on the user who initiated their status transitions.

Remember to add this custom field to the appropriate screens so that it can be visible and accessible when working with issues. If you don’t know how, check out the Jira documentation.

It's important to note that for new or updated issues after creating this custom field, the custom field values will automatically update correctly. However, for existing issues, it's necessary to regenerate the issue in order to see the correct values associated with the Status Counter Custom Field.