User Group and/or Project Role Condition

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This condition checks the users who are in group(s) and/or project role(s).

To add the User Group and/or Project Role condition, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Jira cog icon > Issues > Workflows.

  2. After finding the workflow, go to the three-dots icon and click Edit. Navigate to the transition of your workflow.

  3. Switch to the Conditions tab.

  4. Click the Add condition button.

  5. Select JEP - User Group and/or Project Role Condition and then click the Add button.

  6. Fill in the form, and click the Add button.

  • All/Any: Select All if both conditions should match, otherwise select Any to allow transition if either the group or project role condition matches.

  • Groups: The users of the selected group(s) will be allowed to execute the transition.

  • Project roles: The users of selected project role(s) will be allowed to execute the transition.

  1. Click Add, and you’ll be redirected to the Conditions list. If users have at least one of the project roles selected, they will be able to make the transition and a button for this will be visible to them.

  2. Don’t forget to click Publish Draft to publish the workflow and save your changes.