Run CLI Actions in Jira


Workflow post functions and validators for running Jira, Service Desk, Confluence, Bamboo, Bitbucket, and Hipchat actions provided by the Atlassian CLI

Examples of what can now be done in workflow post functions:

  • Run builds
  • Create reviews
  • Create or update Confluence pages
  • Create, clone, or update issues on local or remote Jira

Examples of what can now be done in workflow validators:

  • Check build results
  • Check review status
  • Check Confluence page content
  • Check issue data on local or remote Jira

Administrator UI to Run CLI Actions


  1. Provides process automation and integration with other Atlassian products
  2. Substitution variables available from original issue and parent issue
    • JQL query can be used to provide other substitution variables. 
  3. Pattern matching (regular expression) for validator success and to provide substitution variables
  4. Control of user error message (validator)
  5. Control of workflow property message for subsequent operations
  6. Extra logging for tracking and problem determination
  7. Easy upgrades via UPM - add-on bundles Atlassian CLI
  8. Powerful regular expression based pattern matching conditions to control whether CLI action should be run.

Get Started


This add-on is useful for administrators that:

  1. Are comfortable with customizing workflows including validators and post functions
  2. Are familiar with the actions provided by the Appfire Command Line Interface (CLI)
  3. Have access to the Jira logs to aid problem determination of the validators or post function

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