HTML for Confluence


This app provides macros for including HTML and XSLT content on Confluence pages. Make sure you understand the Security section before installing the app.


  • Renders HTML content.
  • Renders XSLT content; transforms XML into HTML, XHTML, or wiki markup via XSLT scripting.
  • Find and replace support to make on the fly repairs.
  • Macros can be secured for use by trusted users by using Macro Security for Confluence (Server/Data Center only).
  • JTidy support - allows malformed HTML to be cleaned so content displays properly (Server/Data Center only).
  • Access content to be rendered or transformed from multiple sources from the macro body, attachments, URLs, and more.


HTML and XSLT provide opportunities for untrusted users to do undesirable things if they have the ability to create or edit pages or comments or provide other content referenced by these macros.

If you do not have a completely trusted Server or Data Center environment, you MUST implement and configure Macro Security for Confluence to restrict the use of these macros. We recommend restricting access to confluence-administrators only.

With the Cloud version, administrators must manually configure a list of URLs that the app can access to render content. Read more about whitelisting URLs in the Configuration settings page.

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Macro Security for Confluence

  • Secure use to trusted users
  • Applicable for Server and Data Center versions only

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