Github Macros for Confluence

Support for Atlassian Server Products is ending in February 2024. Consider migrating to Github Macros for Confluence’s Data Center version.

Or, are you planning to migrate to Cloud? Make sure you do not lose your data/configurations in the process. Check out the Migration guide for information on how to migrate the app’s data to Cloud. Contact our support team if you have any questions.

Macros that let you include code snippets, files, issues, and more from Github into Confluence

Confluence is for team and user docs, and Github is for source files. But sometimes source files contain valuable information that team and users need.

While Confluence is the platform of choice for sharing information across your team, some fragments of information are best maintained in source control. Header files, readme, and build files must contain labeled data required to build or run the software. But that may also make it less accessible to non-developer team members, who sometimes need that information to do their jobs.

Github Macros for Confluence let you automatically share important information from Github directly in Confluence, where everyone can access it.


  • Show markdown files in Confluence  Include and render markdown files from Github into Confluence.
  • Display issue lists directly from Github  Include issue lists from Github into Confluence.
  • Display pull requests lists directly from Github  Include pull request lists from Github into Confluence.
  • Display public and private content  Support for both private and public repositories.