Issue Events: Google Calendar Integration




Issue Events: Google Calendar integration for Jira app does precisely this - Jira’s the 2-way integration with a Google Calendar.

It allows creating, viewing and editing calendar events from issue details, passing the issue key and summary to the event name and issue link directly to the app description.

Privacy Policy

You can find app’s Privacy Policy here:

Connecting Google account

Once installed, Issue Events: Google Calendar integration appears in the issue details of instance projects. Open details of an issue and locate the app in the Issue Context view on the right:


NOTE: Jira project administrators can disable Issue Events: Google Calendar integration appearance in issue details from project settings:

Project settings → Apps → Issue Events: Google Calendar integration → Turn on the toggle for Hide Issue Events: Google Calendar integration on the right sidebar

Click on the Google Calendar button to start the app. You will be prompted to Sign in with your Google account:

Once clicked, select a google account to be connected and give the app permissions to:

  1. View and edit events on all your calendars.

  2. See and download any calendar you can access using your Google Calendar.

After the successful integration, you will see the success message and the create event screen.

Creating, viewing, and editing events

Open the app from issue details to create, view, and edit calendar events.

When the app is opened, you will land on the Create event tab, where you can create an event with the following parameters:

  • Event title

  • Google Calendar
    Select a calendar from the list of calendars with Write access for the Google Account that has been integrated.
    The default calendar for this user is pre-selected; if changed, the default calendar for this project will be updated.

  • Date and time of the event:

    • From

    • To

  • All day settings
    If selected, the time inputs and Time zone option will become unavailable.

  • Repeating settings

  • Time zone

    • If the Use calendar default timezone checkbox is selected, the app will not specify the time zone while passing the information to Google Calendar service → The default calendar's time zone will be used.

    • In unselected, you will be able to specify the time zone:

  • Add quests. Type an email or search for Jira users to invite them to the event.

  • By default, only Jira users with personal email visibility account settings set to “Anyone” can be invited to Google Calendar events. Jira admins can allow inviting any Jira user from Global settings

  • Description

    • By default, the app will add an Issue link to the description of the Jira issue.

    • If the Add custom description checkbox is selected, you will be able to add custom text to the description.

    • If the Add custom fields to description checkbox is selected, the custom fields specified in your personal settings will also be added:


Once created, the event will appear both in the Google calendar service and in the Events tab of the app. The event tab has a counter that shows how many events have been created through the app for this issue that is available for your view:

Clicking on the Event title from the Events tab will open the event in Google Calendar.

The Edit button will provide the ability to change event parameters. The Delete button completely removes the event from both the app and Google Calendar.

In case of event changes from Google Calendar, you will see all the updates inside the Events tab.

User invitation configuration

important By default, only Jira users with personal email visibility account settings set to “Anyone” can be invited to Google Calendar events. However, Jira admins can allow inviting any Jira user from the Global settings of Issue events.

Navigate to Apps → Manage apps → Issue Events → Configure/Global settings to configure user invitation configuration:

warning If All Jira users option is selected, emails of the invited users will be visible inside Google Calendar events.

Events from other users

In the events list, you can see events created by you or other users, but only if you are subscribed to the calendar where the event has been created. If you have Read-only access to such a calendar, you will see the event, but without the Edit and Delete options.

Disconnecting Google account

Navigate to Settings from the top right corner of the app from issue details to disconnect your Google account:

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