Quick Start Guide

List of features

  1. Create/update/delete Excalidraw sketch diagrams

  2. Connect all drawings with any Jira issue via attachment files

1. Activate Jira Excalidraw section on Jira issue details page

After the successful installation of the plugin, you can open any Jira issue details page and activate(make visible) Jira Excalidraw Integration section. Screenshots below will help you to find the right button in the “Quick-add buttons” place.

2. Add new Excalidraw sketch

When the section is visible and active you can add as many new diagrams as you want. When you click “Add new” button you will get a full size popup window where whiteboard tool will be loaded.

3. Make you sketch and save to Jira

When your drawing is ready, you can save it to Jira as attachments and update it later when you need.

4. Manage existing sketchs in Jira

Navigate to any Jira Issue and review already connected diagrams, which you can update or remove.