Easy Forms

The Easy Forms offers a simple drag-and-drop interface to quickly create forms, update forms, and report on the results.


  • Drag and drop to rearrange fields

  • Fast editing of forms and updates

  • Copy forms between pages

  • Create form templates to drop into new pages

  • The ability to control who can edit a form via Confluence's page permissions

  • A dynamic date report on form submissions

  • Email notification of form submissions

  • Confluence notifications of form submissions

  • The ability to export form submissions in

    • XML

    • JSON

    • CSV

    • XLS

  • Easily remove submissions from a report

  • Allow for single or multiple submissions per user

  • Predefined form field types include:

    • Text

    • Paragraph

    • Multiple Checkbox

    • Multiple Choice

    • Drop Down

    • Date

    • Time

    • Number

    • Website Address

    • Email Address

    • Mailing Address

    • Section Titles

Easy Forms Server and Data Center - User Guide