Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) is ending in February 2024.

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Synchronize Jira sprints


Timeboxes define consecutive timeframes used for work planning. It helps to think of them as, e.g., sprints, iterations, increments, or stages.

First timebox creation

Preconditions: timeboxes do NOT exist yet. 

BigPicture allows for the automatic synchronization of Jira boards.

To create a series of Timeboxes based on Jira sprints from a selected Jira board:

  1. Open BigPicture
  2. Select project
  3. Open Board module
  4. Click Synchronize based on Jira Board
  5. Select the Jira board to synchronize and Box type (default: Iteration)
  6. Click Create in the bottom right corner

Jira board is now synchronized with the Board module and timeboxes are created:

Important: If consecutive sprints overlap, the start date of the second sprint in the sequence will be postponed. If there are no sprint dates, they will be filled in based on the previous sprint in the sequence.

Next timebox creation

Preconditions: timeboxes have been created. 

BigPicture also allows the creation of additional timeboxes directly in the Board module.

To create a next timebox:

  1. Navigate to the last timebox in Board module
  2. Click "+" button
  3. Enter name, start and end dates
  4. Click Create button