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Support for Atlassian Server Products is ending in February 2024. Consider migrating to Cache for Confluence’s Data Center version. Contact our support team if you have any questions.


The Cache macro caches the rendered contents of the body of this macro. Very useful when using macros that might be slow to render content, but where it does not really need to be dynamically generated for each and every request. Specifically, this can improve performance for accessing dynamic data from SQLExcel, Script and similar macros. Cache will be refreshed if the body of the macro changes or if attachments to this page have been added, removed, or have newer versions. The cache applies to all users that view the page. The cached content can optionally be indexed for Confluence search.

The Future macro renders the macro body in the background allowing the rest of the page content to display immediately. It is used to improve display performance when pages contain longer running rendering macros. This is an extension of an older, unsupported macro provided by Atlassian. Now fully supported and moving forward! The Future macro has been modernized, fixed, enhanced, and included with Cache for Confluence.


  1. Reduces server load for accessing external content and dynamic data
  2. Increase response time for users accessing complex or external data
  3. Automatically caches rendered contents for next page view request
  4. Automatically refreshes data based on
    • simple timing based on minutes, hours, days from initial capture
    • cron based schedule
  5. User option to refresh immediately controlled by macro parameter
  6. Ability to show last refresh date
  7. Indexing option - allows external data to be indexed in Confluence search index associated with the page
  8. Future macro
    • Native Confluence editor support
    • Improved inter-operability with other macros including the Cache macro
    • Supports both dynamic and manual mode
    • Contains many bug fixes over the old style macro
    • Upward compatible with old version - remember to uninstall or disable the old future app if you previously installed it

      Be aware of limitations

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