Reports and Timesheets for Jira

Atlassian has released the patch activeobjects-plugin-5.0.2-d60f2531d.jar, and applying this patch makes the Reports and Timesheets for Jira app support Jira version 9.2 and above, which uses MySQL 8.0 as the backend.

We recommend manually applying the patch until Atlassian bundles the patch activeobjects-plugin-5.0.2-d60f2531d.jar as part of the atlassian-bundled-plugins. For more information, refer to How to manually apply the Atlassian Active Objects plugin patch.

Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like Reports and Timesheets for Jira) ends in February 2024

Contact our support team if you have any questions.

Reports and Timesheets for Jira is a popular reporting app for Jira which adds powerful reporting capabilities to Jira and allows to create insightful custom reports & dashboards for daily use, executive reporting or any other business purpose including invoice creation, status reporting, performance tracking, sprint tracking, time tracking etc.

Reports and Timesheets for Jira can be installed from Atlassian Marketplace via the links listed below

Click here to learn about the differences between Reports and Timesheets for Jira and Timesheets for Jira.

To find out how to use the add-on, how to create some popular reports using the app and explore the other features of the app, please refer to the links below. We are constantly adding more articles to this space, so check back regularly.