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Important announcement for Server users

Support for Atlassian Server Products is ending in February 2024. This means Appfire is not be able to continue support for the Announcer app for Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket Server. If you want the latest features and updates, you can either switch to the Data Center or Cloud version of the Announcer apps.

If you’re planning a migration to the cloud, check out our dedicated page for guidance on how to seamlessly migrate your Announcer app’s data.

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Product Overview

What is Announcer?

The Announcer app (available for Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket Server) allows the Administrator of an Atlassian product to configure announcements for their registered end-users to communicate critical information. Once announcements are configured, logged-in users are required to acknowledge any configured messages prior to using the system. Unique users are only required to acknowledge each message once.

Several announcement styles are supported, including banner, flag, dialog and full page. An announcement can be configured to display only on specific dates or until disabled.

Administrators can opt to delegate announcement creation capability to Confluence Space Administrators and/or Jira Project Administrators so that space-specific or project-specific announcements can be created.

Announcer provides a perfect way of communicating downtime, updates to Terms Of Service, new or deprecated functionality and so much more to your entire user base.

This app has been completely refactored for improved performance and is better than ever! We welcome your feedback.

Who is the target audience?

This app is used by Site Administrators of Atlassian applications and, optionally, Confluence Space Administrators and Jira Project Administrators, but the value (output) of its use is targeted to all application users.

If you have version 2.0 or below installed:

Which applications does Announcer support?

The Announcer app series is available for the following applications:

Key features

  • Easily create announcements to share with your user base.

  • Target groups, anonymous users, Confluence spaces, Jira projects, etc.

  • Track acknowledgements to know how your message is being received.

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