Agile Reports for Jira

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Agile Reports for Jira

After careful consideration, Agile Reports for Jira will be retired and archived on the Atlassian Marketplace on December 15, 2022. Current customers and evaluators were informed of this change on September 14, 2022. To migrate to Reports and Timesheets for Jira, refer to how to migrate from Agile Reports for JiraPlease contact our support team if you have any questions.

Agile Reports for Jira bring several gadgets and reports for analyzing the performance of team, teams, or the entire program.

From viewing teams' or ART progress against planned work for each or several program increments (PIs), to tracking the estimation accuracy trends, to predicting "when can we release?", and more. It's an all in one app helping Agile teams perform the extraordinary.

Agile Reports for Jira contains the following gadgets: Burndown / Burnup report, Committed vs Completed report, Release Prediction Chart, and we've just added a brand new report specifically for companies who adopted SAFe! 

No more small single purpose apps cluttering your Jira, no more disconnected data that you have to look up in several tabs of your browser – get it all in one plugin, on one dashboard, at one price. And if you have an idea for an Agile gadget that you would like to have in the Agile Reports - we're just one click away.

Program and team reporting at one price

If some teams in your company have moved to SAFe and others practice regular Agile, you can still take care of both use cases and help your Program Managers and team Project Leads / Project Managers with both SAFe and team level reports, all in one app.

Unique feature!  Insights and warnings

Get stats, insights, and warnings to help you spot oversights and maintain project or program health if your company is using SAFe.

Analyze team's accuracy with estimates

Compare team's commitments to the actual work delivered, identify trends on how the team progresses with estimates from sprint to sprint, spot unaccounted tickets to ensure for data accuracy.

Easy setup

Agile Reports for Jira is a confusion-free app with easy setup to get you started in seconds. Gadgets in this app are easy to use and configure.

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