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Passwords can be set on addUser but cannot be changed on updateUser. However. Also, they can be updated on updateUser starting with CLI 9.3. Prior to 9.3, it is simple to change (reset) a user's password with a separate renderRequest action.

Example - Jira and Confluence Server for 9.3 and above

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--action updateUser --userId testuser --userPassword xxxxxx

Example - Confluence Server Before 9.3

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--action renderRequest --request admin/users/dosetuserpassword.action?username=testuser --requestParameters "newPassword=xxxxxx&newPasswordConfirmation=xxxxxx" --file ""

Example - Jira Server Before 9.3

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--action renderRequest --request secure/admin/user/SetPassword.jspa --requestParameters name=testuser@&password=xxxxxx&confirm=xxxxxx --file ""