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This article presents step by step instructions on how to give access to anonymous users in Confluence space(s) using the Confluence CLI app.


Use addPermissions action to add permissions to the Confluence space along with userId parameter. 

For anonymous user access to a single space:

Ensure that the CLI client file is updated with the required information. Run the following CLI action to add the view space permissions for anonymous users in a space: 

Code Block
--action addPermissions --space ZCLI --permissions VIEWSPACE --userId anonymous

For anonymous user access to multiple spaces:

In order to add permissions to multiple spaces, you need to create a CSV file with a single column named space as follows: 
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Once you have the CSV file, run the following CLI command to add permissions for multiple spaces:

Code Block
--action runfromCSV --file "addpermissionspace.csv" --common "--action addPermissions --permissions VIEWSPACE --userId anonymous --continue"

The output of the above CLI command will beThis command results in:

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The parameters used in the above actions are:

  • space value refers to the space key.
  • permissions value refers to comma separated list of space permissions.
  • userId value refers to user id of the user whom you want to assign the permissions. 
  • file value refers to path to file based content.

Valid space permissions are: [VIEWSPACE, REMOVEOWNCONTENT, EDITSPACE, REMOVEPAGE, EDITBLOG, REMOVEBLOG, CREATEATTACHMENT, REMOVEATTACHMENT, COMMENT, REMOVECOMMENT, SETPAGEPERMISSIONS, REMOVEMAIL, EXPORTSPACE, SETSPACEPERMISSIONS]. Group or userId can also be a comma separated list of groups and userIds. Space permission support is not available for Cloud.