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This article explains how to move a page to a new space in the same instance using the Confluence Command Line Interface (CLI) app.


Use the movePagemovePage action to move the page to a new space in the same instance.   For this example, consider a sample space with the page title as A01_page1 as follows:

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  1. Ensure that the CLI client file is updated with the required information. Below is the screenshot of a sample space with the page title, A01_page1
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  2. Run the below following CLI action to copy the page to the a new space ", GT":

    Code Block
    --action movePage --space "COMM" --title "A01_page1" --newSpace "GT"

    OutputFor this example, the output of the action is as follows:

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    Page 'A01_page1' moved to space GT.

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The parameters used with the above action isare:

  • --space value refers


  • to space key.
  • --title value refers to the page title.
  • --newSpace value refers to the target


  • space key.

It is recommended to test the commands in a non-production environment or run the action with the --simulate parameter to verify the behaviour before deploying.