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After upgrading or installing Macro Security for Confluence, navigate to the Global Configuration screen:


This tab contains a list of macros that have been secured, along with their restrictions (Key Concepts explain in detail how to use Macro Security restrictions). This screen allows you to add, edit, enable or disable, and delete entries. The following image succeeded by the details of the usage of each option on the page:


  1. Find the row that you would like to remove within the table.
  2. Click the delete icon.

Global Configuration

This tab contains global settings that control the behavior of the Macro Security app. Once saved, settings provided on this page are immediately applied.

Table:Configuration options explained

Enable Macro SecurityOnThis configuration setting allows you to secure macros and macro parameters at a global level. Use the Secured Macros tab to secure individual macros and macro parameters.
Help Us Improve the ProductOnAs part of building awesome apps, we sometimes need to gather some usage data to continually improve. This app collects and sends some very basic data for us to process. No private user data or personally identifiable information is sent. View the documentation for more details on what is being sent.

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