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This article explains how to export pages from a Confluence space having specific labels to PDF files using Confluence Command Line Interface (CLI) app.


To export pages having a specific label, useexecute the following command:

Code Block
--action runFromPageList --labels "mylabels" --common " --action exportPage --id "@pageId@" --exportType "PDF" --file "@pageId@.pdf""

To export pages including subpages child pages that have a specific label, use:

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--action runFromPageList --labels "mylabels" --common " --action exportSpace --space "@space@" --title \""@title@\"" --exportType "PDF" --file "@pageId@.pdf""

The parameters and actions used in the above command commands are:

  • runFromPageList runs actions for each page from a page list.

  • exportSpace exports a space to a file.

  • exportPage export a page to a file.

  • --space, --title, and --id act as substitution variables.

  • --file refers to the path and the name of the file containing the resultant output.

  • --exportType indicates the type of pages the export should be in.

  • --labels pass the required label name. In this case, “mylabels” is passed as the label value.