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This article explains how to export a Confluence space and or a Confluence page using Bobswift's Confluence Command Line Interface.


Exporting a space

Use the below command to export a space including all the pages (along with subpages) to a single PDFchild pages in a PDF format:

Code Block
--action exportSpace --space SRS --file "export.pdf" --exportType "PDF"

Exporting a page

Use the below command to export a specific page (, along with subpages) child pages, in a space to in a single PDF format:

Code Block
--action exportSpace --space SRS --title "demo" --file "export.pdf" --exportType "PDF"

The parameters and actions used in the above commands are:

  • --exportSpace action indicates exporting space to a file.

  • --space value refers to the space key.

  • --title value refers to the page title.

  • --file refers Path/name to file of result output.

  • --exportType indicates the type of pages the export should be in.

  • “demo“ and “SRS“ are the names of the parent page and the space that are exported respectively.

  • “export.pdf” is the name of the pdf file to which the file will be exported.


Export types are XML, HTML, PDF with XML being the default export type.