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  1. Navigate to the intended issue in which you want to create a diagram.
  2. Click Graphviz from the menu options to see the Graphviz for Jira section in the new Jira issue view.
  3. Click Graphviz from the menu options again or Add a Graphviz diagram in the Graphviz for Jira section to navigate to the Graphviz Diagrams for Jira window for further edits.
  4. Add your settings in the Graphviz Diagrams for Jira window:

    • Create diagram from: Lists the following options to create the diagram from:
      • Create a new diagram from scratch: Select this option to to generate a new diagram by entering DOT syntax in the window. 
      • Import an existing diagram from an attachment: Select this option to display a diagram based on an attachment containing DOT syntax.
    • Content (Displayed only when Create a new diagram from scratch is selected): Text area where you specify the DOT language. Enter the intended text or simple expression that defines the diagram.
      For example: Enter the following simple DOT code:

      Code Block
      digraph {
      	A -> B -> C;
      	B -> D;
      	D -> B [color=blue];

      This results in the following output:

      For more example diagram types and DOT codes, refer to Graphviz diagram types

    • Graphviz source attachment (Displayed only when Import an existing diagram from an attachment is selected): Lists the files attached to the issue. Select an attachment from the available list when you want to create a diagram using the code in this specific attachment. By default, the value is set to None.
      Refer to this example for more details.
    • Layout: Lists the available diagram layouts. Select a value from the available list to render the diagram in the specified layout.
      • dot (default) - hierarchical or layered drawings for directed graphs
      • neato - spring model layouts for undirected graphs

      • twopi - radial layouts for graphs

      • circo - circular layouts for graphs

      • fdp - spring model layouts for undirected graphs
        For some example layouts, refer to Graphviz diagram layouts.
    • Graphviz output attachment name: Name of the output attachment. Enter a name to be assigned to the attachment that is the output of the DOT code specified. This attachment is attached to the issue and can be downloaded.
  5. Click the Preview () icon on the top right corner of the Content field to preview the diagram before saving the settings.


    Notice that:

    • This option is available only when Create a new diagram from scratch is selected.
    • Any errors in the specified code are listed to the right of the window as displayed in the GIF in step 4.

  6. Click Save to save the settings and navigate back to the issue to view the output diagram or click Cancel to cancel creating diagrams.


    Notice that any errors in the specified code are listed in the Graphviz for Jira section of the issue.


For more information on Graphviz usage details, refer to Graphviz resources.