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  • Download the distribution of your choice (atlassian-cli or jira-cli) from Downloads
  • Unzip the distribution package and put the enclosed directory in a convenient location
  • Ensure Remote API is enabled in your JIRA installation
    • You need to be an administrator
    • Go to General Administration under Remote API
    • Setting should be YES
  • It is recommended that you open the jira.bat or file with an editor and customize it for your environment by adding server, user, and password parameters. Follow the example in the comments and make sure you do not remove the %* at the end of the line.


  • On a command line, cd to the directory where you installed the client
  • On Windows
    • Run jira
  • On Linux, Mac, or Unix
    • Run ./
  • On any system supporting Java
    • Run java -jar lib/jira-cli-3.x.x.jar
  • This will show help text for the command line interface client
  • The client defaults to use a user of automation. Either add this user with all the authorities required to do the actions you want or specify a different user parameter



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ACLI:Installation and Use
ACLI:Installation and Use