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  1. Subscription Name – The name you picked will be displayed here.

  2. Filter Configuration Name – If you used a saved filter when generating this Subscriptionsubscription, its name will be shown here.

  3. Configuration – Shows the configuration you used for the subscription. To see the configurations in detail, click the (blue star) button and your information will be displayed.

  4. Owner – Shows the creator of the subscription.

  5. Recipients – Displays who will receive the subscription reports.

  6. Editors – Displays who can edit this subscription.

  7. Schedule – Shows when and how often the report will be sent out.

  8. Last Run – Displays when the last run took place.

  9. Next Run – Enables you to see when the next run will happen.

  10. (blue star) icon – Click to reveal the dropdown menu, which displays Run now, Edit, Clone, and Delete.

  11. Run now – Instead of waiting for your report to arrive when it’s scheduled, you can run it immediately by clicking here.

  12. Edit – You can change the name of your subscription, recipients, editors, and schedule.

  13. Clone – You can clone your subscription and make subtle changes to differentiate it from the other.

  14. Delete – You can delete your subscriptions by clicking here. This process is irreversible.