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Feature description

Sneak peek


Milstones are treated as a point in time (single date, no duration).

Dependencies are adjusted to account for the fact that a Milestone is a point in time (has a single date). Milestones don't artificially make the path between linked tasks longer. 

The calculation is affected when:

  • a Milestone is a target of a dependency

  • dependency is “start to end” OR “end to start”

Velocity report

The velocity value is presented on the Velocity chart in the form of a trend line.


When task editing is blocked in Jira, a task can be moved in the BigPicture WBS structure.

Tasks can be moved:

  • Vertically (up or down in the tree structure)

  • Horizontal (indent level can be changed)

If the automatic WBS rules are in place and a change of a task position would require a change of task fields, the indentation is blocked. 


Objectives - associated work

Task status is displayed for tasks attached to objectives as associated work.

Share view

The shareable URL contains the zoom level and position.

When you generate a shareable URL on the Gantt module or Overview Timeline, the URL also contains the zoom level and position on the timeline. The person who opens the link can see the same tasks as the person who shared the URL (the view is focused on the same place on the timeline - if the place cannot be exactly the same because of different screen sizes and resolutions, the closest possible approximation is used).


Overview module - custom columns

Values of the drop-down list in custom columns (Select data type) can be assigned colors).


Board module - scope definition

The scope definition of a box is contextually available in the Board module. To see a pop-up click the “Add tasks” button (the top menu of the board module).

"BigPicture LAB" renamed to "BigLab"