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Integration plan for app vendors/developers

Are you a Jira server or data center app vendor or developer? Here is a quick overview of the steps to take to integrate your app with CMJ.

  1. Initial setup of the App Integrations platform and implementation of its endpoints. Follow the developer guides that will lead your team through the whole integration process.

  2. Check the App Integrations page in CMJ to verify your app is successfully integrated.

  3. Test the integration with a server-to-server migration of your app’s global configuration and data using CMJ. Create a CMJ configuration snapshot on the source instance and deploy it to the target instance, for this purpose.

  4. Contact our team to add your app to our List of Integrated Apps. The List of Integrated Apps gives CMJ users more visibility about the apps' configuration and data they can migrate.

Find out more about the integration plan in the Integration Types document.


If you are an app vendor who just integrated or you don’t see your app there, contact us, and we will add you.

Jira admins can use the List of Integrated Apps page to check which apps on their system are integrated with CMJ. The page also provides information about apps' configurations that can be automatically migrated by CMJ.