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The information dialog shows Box details, including:

  • ID

  • Name

  • Start / End date (resulting from the Box schedule)

  • Task period alignment



You can configure the Task period alignment in the Box configuration > Tasks > Scheduling, which requires a box admin security role.


You can change the status of the Box using the status drop-down or using the right-click drop-down. The status relates related properties are described below:

Box status


Not started

When you set the Timebox status to "Not started," you can:

  • modify the scope and objectives

  • set the Planned Business Value for objectives

In Progress

When you set the Timebox status to "In Progress," you can:

  • modify the scope and objectives

  • set both Planned and Actual Business Value for objectives


When you set the Timebox status to "Closed":

  • you cannot modify the scope and objectives

  • you can set both Planned and Actual Business Value for objectives

For example, "SL Sprint 1" is closed, and when a task is dragged, it is not marked as a droppable area:Image Removed


Task period alignment


To learn more about this feature, go to the Task period alignment page.

The dates of the tasks assigned to a Box using the Board Module, for example, can align with Box dates or stay within the limits of a Box. Thanks to this functionality, you can display your tasks on a timeline in the Gantt, or Resources Modules, or any other module that allows the fields configured as Start and End dates to be displayed: