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Hover a mouse cursor over a marker

Display marker details (date, name, and description):

Screenshot of the marker's details. Image Modified

All markers for the same date

Click on the number to expand a list of all markers created on the same date.

A list with own and inherited markers appears:

Screenshot of the list with all markers.Image Modified

Move on top

Change the order of own markers displayed:

Screenshot of moving a marker on top.Image Modified

Left-click on a marker

Unfold or collapse a marker:

Unfold or collapse a marker

Right-click on a marker

Expand a list with the following actions:

  • Edit an existing marker

  • Show markers list (own markers - editable and inherited markers - uneditable)

  • Expand all markers

  • Collapse all markers

  • Add a new marker

  • Delete a marker

Screenshot of right-clicking on a marker.Image Modified

Double-click on a marker

Double-click to open and edit the marker:

Screenshot of double-clicking on a marker.Image Modified