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The change history tab contains displays the history of scheduling changes for that task. Changes that affect the start date, end date, and duration of the task are logged. It does not matter if the change was made in the Gantt module, elsewhere in BitPicture, or in Jira/Trello.


  • The date the change occurred

  • The reason for the change

  • The author of the change 



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In the expanded state you can see the archival data of the task

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Change reason

The following changes are recorded:

  • New start/end date was set

  • Task was moved

  • Task was converted to a milestone

  • Task structure was changed

  • Dependency was added

  • Scheduling mode was changed

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Change Author

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Date of change

When the modification took place

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Number of changes

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When you move a parent task, all its children are also moved. All changes are logged:

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Changes affecting other Boxes - a task can be in multiple Boxes. When you move a task, it is moved in all Boxes it is in. The change log reflects that.

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Narrow down the list by using the search function or the date range filter.