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In this section, you can preconfigure the Gantt module's default Column Views and the Inheritance mode for a given Box type.Image Removed


Inheritance mode


Changes made to the Inheritance mode apply to ALL boxes of a given type (both existing and newly created).

Inheritance mode



Each box uses its


Column Views (editable)

Own with Inherited

Each box uses:

its own
  • Its Column Views (editable)

  • Column Views created in boxes on the upper level (non-editable)

Inherited only

Each box uses only Column Views created in boxes on the upper level (non-editable)

You can use them, but to edit them, you must go to the box in which they were created.

Note: The Column Views tab is hidden in the box configuration.

Results in a Box 

Gantt module → Column Views configuration


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Image Added


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Default Column Views


When you create a box, default Column Views are added (as per the box type settings). Resulting column views can be later edited in a Box.