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A backup of the App creates a dump of the application database only. 

It does not include Jira issue data (Jira backup is a separate process that results in a creation of a Jira backup file). 


Server/Data center to Cloud migration (Jira)


BigPicture migration from Jira On-premise to Jira Cloud can be run using:

Post-migration issues when issue security settings are set


If there are issue security settings set for issues on Jira Server, BigPicture will lose access to such issues after migrating company-managed and team-managed projects to Jira Cloud. 

In such a situation, perform the following steps after migration.

For company-managed projects:

  1. Open Jira Cloud.
  2. Navigate to the Project settings > Issues > Issue security page.
  3. For each issue security level that is defined, add the following project role: atlassian-addons-project-access
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  4. Click Add to confirm. 
  5. Now, BigPicture is granted access to issues. 

For team-managed projects:

Currently, it is not possible to add roles on the Issue Security page due to limitations on the Atlassian side.

How does an App "restore" work?