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You can set the status of each Box as one of the following:

  • Not started (grey) - it will be executed in the future, so it is still in the planning phase,

  • In progress (blue) - it is currently in execution,

  • Closed (green) - it has already finished.


When the status is changed to 'Closed' you will not be able to edit the Box information or change the Box configuration.

Changing Box status in the Roadmap module:

  • drop-down in the 'information' pop-up

    Image RemovedImage Added
  • right-click on a sub-Box name

    Image RemovedImage Added


All the following transitions between statuses are allowed:

  • Not started → In progress and vice versa

  • In progress/Not started → Closed and vice versa

When you complete the work and want to close the Box, you will be prompted to decide what to do with the remaining open objectives , once it is already closed:

  • mark

    Mark open objectives as failed and continue

  • mark

    Mark open objectives as abandoned

  • do

    Do not modify the status of open objectives

All objectives previously marked as "Failed" will remain in a given status after reopening the Box. These objectives will also be automatically cloned and added to the next Box with the status "Open".

Closing an upper-level Box means that all the sub-Boxes of that Box will also be also closed.