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This article describes the process from creating a poll, sharing the poll with other users, voting for a poll, and lastly, monitoring the progress and performing various actions on a poll.


The basic workflow followed when working with polls is:

  1. Create the required poll.

  2. Share with others to start the voting process.

  3. Monitor the poll progression.

  4. Perform actions like reset, copy, edit, and so on, on a poll.

  5. Close the poll.

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Create a poll

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Create polls
Create polls

Share the poll and vote

Share your poll with other users to invite them to participate in your poll or embed the poll on pages or blog posts using the Polls macro. This allows the poll to be available for other users. As long as other users do not have the exact link to your poll, this poll is visible only to you.

Users must add the relevant poll(s) using the Polls macro to a Confluence page and then share this page (in server) or directly share the poll link from Polls Administration (in cloud) with other users.

Once the poll is accessible, users can select the preferred poll option to add their vote to the poll.

  • Every poll has its own unique URL and is only known to users you share the link with. Unless the exact URL is known, others cannot access the poll.

  • The user can see only those polls that they created in the polls list. Other users cannot browse or discover polls unless the poll is shared with them or is embedded in a wiki page with relevant page permissions.

  • You can use page restrictions to limit access to the poll when embedding a poll on a wiki page.

View poll report

Users can see the progress of voting as a bar chart which contains details such as the number of votes per option, voter names and so on. This chart is available on the page with the specified poll(s) or when the relevant poll is selected from All Polls (server)/Polls Administration (cloud). See the Administrator guide for details.

Perform actions on poll

Users can edit a poll, make copies of a poll, reset the votes and restart a poll, close the poll and even delete the poll. Visit the How to work with polls tutorial to know more.

Stop voting for the poll

You can set a date and time to automatically close a poll during poll creation itself. If this option was not used, you can manually close a poll with this action.

Click Close (server) or the (blue star) icon (cloud) to stop voting for a poll. A confirmation message is shown. Select Yes to proceed or No to cancel the action.

If users access a closed poll, the results are shown directly. It is also not possible to undo choices or add options once the poll is closed.

Important information for Survey and Votes Macros customers

Survey and Vote Macros can now be migrated from server to the Polls for Confluence cloud version. After the migration is complete, you can see that all the Survey and Vote macros are now available in the Polls list with Type listed as Survey and Regular respectively, in the Polls Administration page.

In such cases, the poll creation looks like:

Image Added

Survey polls work quite similar to their server counterparts with a few exceptions. Head to the Migration guide to learn more about the migration and the differences between the server and cloud versions. Check out the Survey and Votes Macros server to cloud migration guide.

If you have any questions or face any issues about the migration, please contact our Support team for guidance and assistance.