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  • Display page tree-like navigation across multiple spaces

  • Group the spaces by specific space categories

  • Personalize the navigation tree by displaying the users' favorite spaces in the navigation

  • Use the macro on wiki pages or in themes like the Default Theme or Documentation Theme to display navigation trees in the sidebar of the theme

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Spacetree Macro





Space Categories


None - list of all spaces will be displayed

A comma-separated list of space categories to select the spaces you want to display in the tree. The space categories are case-insensitive and displayed in the tree as you specify them in the list. Leave blank to list all spaces.

Use any one of the following options to specify the parent space from which the tree is to be displayed:

  • @favourite to display favorite spaces of the current user.

  • @self to display page tree of current space, if it's not already listed in the space tree.

  • @personal to display the page tree of the personal space, if not already listed in the space tree.

Include Archived Spaces


Enable to include archived spaces.

Expand Children


Enable to automatically expand the child pages of the current page.

Start Depth


Enter any number greater than 0 to set how many levels of children the tree should show for the current space when it opens for the first time.

Sort Order


The order the spaces should be sorted by. Valid values are:

  • bitwise - Sort alphabetically, for example: title1, title10, title2.

  • creation - Sort by date of creation.

  • modified - Sort by order of date last modified.

  • natural - Sort in 'natural' alphabetical order, for example: title1, title2, title10.

  • position - Sort by the default Confluence sorting rules. If your pages have been ordered manually, this sort will respect the defined order. Otherwise the pages will be displayed in the 'natural' alphabetical order, such as: title1, title2, title10.

Sort Pages


Choose whether sort order should also be applied to pages in tree. Disable if you just want to sort the spaces in the tree.

Reverse Order


Enable for reverse ordering.



Choose whether you want to display the tree using the modern style (arrow icons) or the classic style (plus/minus icons). Valid values are:

  • classic - classic style in use before Confluence 5 using plus/minus icons.

  • modern - modern style introduced in Confluence 5 using arrow icons.

@self Title

"Current Space"

Title to display for @self section in tree, when using @self keyword in space categories. Use @self as title to display the name of the current space.

@favourite Title

"Favorite Space"

Title to display for @favourite section in tree, when using @favourite keyword in space categories.

@personal Title

“Personal Space”

Title to display for @personal section in tree, when using @personal keyword in space categories.

Hide Default Pagetree


Choose whether the default page tree should be hidden in the sidebar when the Spacetree macro is being used in the sidebar as well.