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This page is about Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira Server/Data Center. Using Cloud? Click here.

Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira Server/DC allows you to quickly respond to frequently asked questions or common issues without the need to type out the entire response each time.

Here is a documentation guide to help you manage your response templates using Canned Responses:


Global templates can be managed by Jira Administrators only.

Project templates can be managed by:

  • Jira Administrators (global permission),

  • Project Administrators,

  • Users granted the Manage Project Canned Responses project permission provided by Canned Responses.

See the Managing project permissions documentation.


On this page:

Table of Contents

Templates quick actions

Quick template actions are available inside the templates dropdown. These actions allow you to execute the most frequent operations without leaving the field.

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Canned Responses settings page

Canned Responses Pro settings page allows you to manage templates in a more comprehensive way than inline actions. In addition, you can clone and remove templates here.

Click the cog icon next to the Canned response button to open the app settings page. 

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This will take you to the settings page with your personal templates. On this page, you can:

  1. Edit – Click to edit the template. You can create or edit response templates using the form below. The form is available in the field where Canned Responses is displayed.

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  2. Clone – Click to clone the template.

  3. Delete – Click to delete the template.

  4. Visibility scopes navigation – You can navigate between all the scopes you are entitled to using the navigation bar.


To move a template:

You can move any existing template by changing its visibility scope.

Manage global templates:

You can navigate to the global templates page in two ways:

  • Click the cog icon in the Jira top bar, and click Manage Apps. Then, from the sidebar, find Manage Responses under CANNED RESPONSES FOR JIRA.

  • In the issue view, click the cog icon next to the Canned Responses button. Then, on the My Canned Responses page, click Global templates.

Here you can edit, clone, and delete your templates, as described in the “Canned Responses settings page” section above.

Organize templates into folders:

You can group templates into a hierarchical structure using a double colon in the template name. By adding double colons, you can separate the folder from the templates that belong to it. This is especially great for organizing templates if you have a large number of them. For example, to put the "Deleting account" template in the "Instructions" folder, you can name the template Instructions::Deleting account and it'll be nested accordingly.

When browsing through the templates inside the field where Canned Responses is available, you will see the folders with a little arrow next to them, indicating you can open them to select a template. Check out the example below:

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Converting existing comments to new templates

If you think a comment may be useful in the future, you can create a template from it. After writing your message, click on the “+” icon next to the CR dropdown and save the content for future use.

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