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Chat for Service Management lets you customize certain aspects of what is displayed in the chat widget, once you are recognized as a distinct user - this happens after you log in, or after your first anonymous conversation starts.

The set of preferences thatr you can set is:

  • Jira issue key display - by default, chat does not display Jira┬áissue keys (your request identifiers). You can change this using the user preference. If you chose to show issue keys, they will be displayed in the conversation list and in the header of the current conversation
  • showing unresolved issues only - by default, chat last 10 of all your conversations. You can change this using the user preference to only show "unresolved" conversations
  • showing chat summaries - by default, chat shows the last message (either yours or the support person's) in the conversation list, and shows the welcome message in the chat header. Using the user preference, you can change this to show "issue summary" instead - issue summary is initially generated from your first chat message, however, it can be changed by the support person to provide more meaningful description of what the conversation is about.

To access user preferences, click the cog (Image Modified) icon in the lower-right of the conversation list (after you log in, or after you start your first anonymous conversation):

Image Modified

This opens a dialog, where you can set your preferences. The preferences are immediately applied to the chat user interface.

Image Modified


Default of the user preferences can be changed by the Jira administrator, using the User Preference Defaults administration page.